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Deadline to Apply to Add 7 Months to a 17-Month STEM OPT Extension 08/03/2016

A student on a 17-month STEM OPT extension may apply to add 7 months to his STEM OPT period. USCIS will deny applications filed after August 8, 2016.

You may apply to add 7 months to your 17-month STEM OPT period if:

- You are currently participating in STEM OPT based on a 17-month extension;


USCIS issued a new policy memorandum about L-1A function manager.

USCIS asserts that while an L-1A function manager may use hisbusiness expertise to perform some operational or administrative tasks, he primarily must manage an essential function.

Refugee Admissions Reception And Placement Program 05/31/2016

Each refugee approved for admission to the United States is sponsored by one of nine resettlement agencies participating in the Reception & Placement (R&P) Program under a cooperative agreement with the Department of State.


Does a U.S. permanent resident need a visa to travel to Canada?

While you may not need a visa to visit or transit Canada, you still need carry proper travel documents and identification for yourself and any children travelling with you.

When does employer must file amended H-1B petition?

When there is a material change in the terms and conditions of employment, the petitioner must file an amended or new H−1B petition with the corresponding Labor Condition Application (LCA).

Can a student change status during "grace" period of 30 days (J1 visa) or 60 days (F1 visa)?

Following completion of studies or completion of practical training, students have either 30 days (J1 summer work and travel and other categories) or 60 days (F1 visa holders) to leave the country. This time is not for changing status. Students are permitted to travel in the country during these days.